The Providence Philosophy

Providence Global Medical is committed to our original philosophy of maintaining the highest design standards while delivering ventilators and anesthesia machines that are reliable, streamlined, and durable under even the most extreme conditions.

Atlantis BaroVent

The Atlantis is designed to ventilate patients in both mono-place and multi-place hyperbaric chambers pressurized up to 6 atmospheres absolute ("ATAs"). Non-hyperbaric ventilators being used with hyperbaric chambers are not able to reliably deliver appropriate lung volumes at pressures above 1.5 ATAs, and cannot approach the high chamber treatment pressures of 4-5 ATAs. The Atlantis performs flawlessly at pressures of 6ATAs.

The Atlantis is the only FDA 510(k) cleared hyperbaric ventilator on the market. Other manufacturers may claim or imply that their ventilators are 510(k) cleared for use with a hyperbaric chamber, but they are not. Before the Atlantis received 510(k) clearance and was available on the market, hyperbaric practitioners and manufacturers were forced to modify existing ventilators for use with hyperbaric chambers. The use of a non-FDA cleared ventilator creates several medical and legal issues for hyperbaric practitioners and administrators such as performance reliability, insurance carrier notification requirements, trouble complying with accreditation standards and the obligation to meet enhanced standards for informed patient consent. These medical and legal issues associated with using a non-FDA 510(k) cleared medical device disappear when the Atlantis ventilator is used with a hyperbaric chamber.

The Atlantis comes with a three year factory warranty. This warranty is renewable for additional three year periods with an in-factory inspection and service.

Available for immediate U.S. and International delivery.

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EnduraVent 5 Transport Ventilator

The EnduraVent 5 Transport Ventilator is designed for infant through adult patients requiring mechanical respiratory support. Totally non-magnetic components allow the device to be used for patients requiring MRI procedures. This ventilator is designed for use in ambulances, air-mobile craft, ERs, ICUs, special procedure areas and any treatment circumstance requiring that a patient be transported with mechanical ventilation. Available for immediate US and International delivery.

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